The Batman – Why I love it!

The Batman starring Robert Pattison is a different Batman and that’s what I love about it.

It’s not a “spectacle” film filled with jaw-dropping moments, in fact, the action scenes are almost underwhelming compared, yet works well in the film because this Batman film is character-driven and the cinematography’s very well done.

This isn’t a Nolan Batman, it’s clear from the beginning scene and that’s a good thing! This is a film-noir detective movie; Batman is after all “the world’s greatest detective”. So this is actually more true to Batman than any of the films we’ve seen thus far. He pairs up with Lt. Gordon a whole lot more than any other film before.

It’s also very grounded and real! Heck his cowl looks handmade! The Batman isn’t invincible like the rest who came before him; this Batman can get killed and you can tell.

Drop all expectations from previous movies to appreciate this one or you’ll be sorely disappointed. It took me one hour to adjust to it, to be honest, I almost didn’t like it, then slowly I realised it’s a film noir, realistic and gritty, i.e. not a Michael Bay film, and I started appreciating it a whole lot more for what it is rather than what its not! Love me a good film noir.

ps. Batman’s new theme sounds a lot like Vader’s🤔
Robert Pattinson Batman isn’t emo. He’s conflicted and contrived, there’s a difference.

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