Should a student’s vaccination status determine the kind of education they receive?

Parents that have consented to the vaccination of their forms 4-6 children were relieved to have them welcomed back onto the school compound this Monday. This of course came with some uncertainty as to how teachers would joggle facilitating both physical and online classes, as many teach from forms 1-5. Some parents have been told that their child would no longer be afforded online classes as it just was not feasible. This left many parents feeling as though their children were being abandoned and even punished for not being vaccinated. With time the hope is that covid 19 vaccines may be available to all children, even those under 12. Where does this leave the parents who are uncertain about the vaccine, or who’s children for medical reasons cannot take the vaccine? Will public school soon become a privelege given to only those students who have been vaccinated, leaving the unvaccinated at a disadvantage? Will parents feel coerced into getting children vaccinated so that they can reep the benefits of face to face learning? Can your child effectively learn with limited contact with their teachers?  What are the alternatives to conventional schooling?

If you are a parent and share some of these concerns, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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