R.R.R. Movie Review

If you’re in for an over-the-top, over-done, over-emotional, over-action-packed, over-expressed, over-written (you get the idea) epic ride, then R.R.R. is definitely for you!

The main characters in this epic film are no mere mortals, though appearing so, and you’ll soon realise this from the get-go!

Try to see RRR as an Indian/Telugu “Superhero” film. Honestly, I wouldn’t have watched this movie were it not for English reviews that constantly praised it; obviously, my interests were piqued because I’ve never watched out any of S.S. Rajamouli’s previous films.

I truly love this movie! Yes it may be over the top, but it’s digestible, trust me! Just prepare your mind for it and you’ll enjoy this superfluous ride! Nothing in this movie is average. In scenarios where someone should have died, they just pick themselves up, dust off, and continue.

I did laugh a lot at the action and impossible scenes but in a good way. It’s easy to get turned off if you’re not open-minded, and I did have to set myself up to watch it. Kids will definitely love this!

Despite being so stupendous, the movie stays away from the overuse of noticeable VFX; there is some but not so much that it’s distracting. It defies the laws of physics and logic many, many times, but makes it acceptable and looks good, surprisingly!

Indian lore is like this, over-the-top, almost unbelievable. That’s what I think it was strongly modelled after, minus the “one-arrow turning into twelve kinda” stuff we saw long ago on T.V.

One thing to keep in mind when watching is that this movie is hardcore, no pun intended, on morals, loyalty, and duty. In other words, Dharma. I believe it’s meant to be an entertaining teaching piece.

What I love about it, is that there’s almost nothing to compare to this movie, other than maybe the director’s older films. It’s unique, in a good way, and distinctive in its own right.

Despite being this unbelievable I still give it a 5 out of 5, because you have to appreciate it for being what it is. An unapologetically, superhuman, larger-than-life story and does it really well.


5/5 stars!

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